Pain management

Chronic pain can be aggravating, frustrating, leading to depression, irritability, anger and relationship conflict. People don’t understand you and only tell you you will be ok.

In addition to working with your medical provider, symptoms can be alleviated with the support of a mental health professional. Depending of the cause of the pain,  counseling has been proven to support your physician’s effort to reduce or eliminate your pain.

Stress, environment, and emotional factors might affect the intensity of chronic pain and so counseling will help you learn ways to manage these factors. Depending of the specific background of the pain, specific therapy strategies will be used, including talk therapy, relaxation training, stress management, coping skills, and lifestyle changes. Family therapy is also beneficial for member of the family understand the patient but also to address their own frustration as caregivers or support system.

I take a holistic approach towards wellness and work with your physician or specialist, for successful outcomes.

HOME VISITS or Telehealth sessions can be accommodated for older adults or disable individuals.

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