Depression Treatment

We all can feel “down” for a brief period of time due to a situation or event, but when there is a persistent feeling of sadness, loneliness, grief, and emotional pain, we can be suffering of clinical depression. This is a serious diagnosis that can affect our relationships, health, and daily performance at work or school. Thoughts of suicide do not have to be present for somebody to be depressed but symptoms can lead to those thoughts or actions. Do not hesitate to reach out for help if you have experienced some of the symptoms.

Depression might be caused by different causes, including medical diagnosis, financial distress, relationship issues or many others, so we will help you reducing the symptoms while addressing the source of your stress, by learning skills, or referring you to necessary services.

Medication can be part of the treatment, so we will discuss options and provide referral to psychiatrist in your network as needed. Depression is treatable so you do not have the bare the pain any longer.